What is The Mercurian Times about?

The Mercurian times is the official newsletter and editorial board of the department of
commerce, Jesus and Mary college. It is a platform for transforming a student’s voice
and belief into an effective and thought provoking piece that has the capability of raising
awareness against issues that matter.

Who all currently comprise The Mercurian family?

We are currently headed by our President: Arushi Kothari, Vice President: Rajaswi Batish, General Secretary: Ayushi Kumari and our respective department heads for Content, Finance, Marketing, Organizing, Technical and Website Development.

How can I get involved with The Mercurian Times?

We at The Mercurian Times strongly believe that each student should be able to have a
platform to raise their voice on a subject they care about, if you missed out on the
chance to join the society, don’t worry! We are constantly launching campaigns for
issues we think are core to us as a youthful nation and are always amazed at the huge
amount of responses we get from students all over the college!

What other platforms are you all on? How can we contact you?

Our social media handles include:
Instagram: @themercuriantimes
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheMercurianTimes/
Our blog: https://themercuriantimes.blogspot.com/
Snapchat: themercuriantimes