Bunso Story

Bunso Breads is the first and only Filipino Bakery in the Tri-Valley. Rina is the heart and the baker behind the delicious breads. Our best sellers include Ensaymada Balls™ (bite-sized versions of the traditional Filipino brioche), Buko Pie (young coconut pie), and anything and everything Ube.

“Bunso” in Tagalog means the youngest sibling, the dearest of all! Rina is the Bunso among six siblings. The name reflects who the owner is, as well as the Filipino family culture of calling every youngest sibling in the family “Bunso” instead of by their names.


Long before Bunso Breads, Rina had been baking from her home in Rockville, Maryland while attending nursing school. It was obvious that her love for baking and cooking was stronger, and her passion for baking eventually became a career. In 2013, Rina began working out of her home kitchen which was registered and licensed under the California Cottage Food Operations (CFO) Class A. She earned her Culinary Arts and Advanced Baking Degrees from the University of Hawaii. After working at the Four Seasons Hotels in Maui and Washington, DC as a baker for several years, and training in the US Army Food Service, Rina finally opened her first brick-and-mortar commercial bakery in Downtown Pleasanton, CA in February of 2019.

Filipino Flavors


Buko is young coconut meat which makes it tender and creamy. Often it is used in buko pie. 


Ube is a purple yam and a staple in Filipino cuisine. It's popular for its bright purple color and flavor.


Macapuno is like jellied coconut meat. It has a sweeter coconut flavor & is used for many Filipino desserts.


Yema is a classic Filipino candy. Eggs, milk & sugar are combined to create a tasty custard. 

Ube Halaya

Ube Halaya is ube mashed with condensed milk & butter into a jam. It's used as a base for many Filipino desserts. 


Derived from leaves, Pandan flavor is fragrant, sweet & mild. It's often combined with buko. 

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